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Air quality index of Europe's major cities

Publicerat av Tony Harkén Monday, 16 September 2013.

www.airqualitynow.eu, an interactive web service designed to display and compare air quality and developed as part of the European Union's ‘Common Information To European Air' (CITEAIR) project.

The data is taken from the ‘general background air quality index' and represents the minimum level of air quality experienced by a citizen in each of the above cities, the data represents an hourly index and is subject to change throughout the day.

The indices have five levels from ‘Very low' to ‘Very high' and are based upon the quantity of three major pollutants, PM10, NO2 and O3, and where data is available, will also take into account pollutants CO, PM2.5 and SO2. These pollutants are of major concern throughout Europe due to their various detrimental effects on health.

Visit www.airqualitynow.eu

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Tony Harkén


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