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Finland - The global logistics hub by 2040

Finland - The global logistics hub by 2040

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland Tuesday, 23 July 2013.

Finland’s geopolitical and economic position will undergo significant changes and move from periphery into the centre of global logistics by the year 2040,

Arctic storm reports. Changes are caused by melting of the Arctic Sea ice, energy resources in northern Canada and Russia, and Trans-Asian Railway Reform through Russia.

According to the latest report from Aalto University, for the next 30 years, world’s operational focus will be on the Northern Hemisphere. Finland's position will change from the periphery to the centre of global logistics, describe the authors of the Arctic storm report, future-researcher Mika Aaltonen and Michael Loescher, an ex-adviser to the U.S. administration.

Arctic storm – the concept behind Arctic storm is perception of three global drivers of change in the territory of Finland. First of all, the melting of the Arctic sea ice will open up new logistics routes in the northern hemisphere. Secondly, global warming will give easier access to energy resources in northern Canada and Russia. The third change is caused by technical reform of the Trans-Asian railway across Russia. The Trans-Asian railway could give a fast route to Asia.

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