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Helsinki Airport - Best Airport in Northern Europe

Helsinki Airport - Best Airport in Northern Europe

Publicerat av Tony Harkén Tuesday, 21 May 2013.

Helsinki Airport has been voted the best airport in Northern Europe in 2013.

The World Airport Awards are based on surveys conducted by international travel research group Skytrax, who polled 12.1 million passengers over a nine-month period. In the category covering the whole Europe Helsinki Airport was ranked sixth and worldwide fifteenth.

Helsinki Airport is the leading Northern European transit airport connecting Europe and Asia. In 2012 the airport served 14.9 million passengers, of which 31 per cent were transfer passengers.

Helsinki Airport has been nominated the best in Northern Europe in 2010 and in previous Skytrax surveys recognition has also been given to Best Airport Security Processing and Baggage Delivery. A total of 39 services and products -- including check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration -- were examined at 395 airports across the world.

Singapore’s Changi Airport was crowned the Best Airport in the world in 2013.

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