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Vodafone and Orange to invest EUR €1,000 million in Spain

Vodafone and Orange to invest EUR €1,000 million in Spain

Publicerat av Tony Harkén Tuesday, 16 April 2013.

The British company, Vodafone, and French company, Orange, have signed a collaboration agreement to expand the fiber optic network in Spain.

The aim of this project, in which roughly EUR €1,000 million will be invested, is to reach six million homes, business premises and offices over the next four and a half years.

The agreement also contemplates the deployment of two complementary networks with a scope of three million residential units each, to which both carriers would be guaranteed mutual access and use of the infrastructure.

As regards the commercial launch of this new fiber optic cable, Vodafone aims to make it operational in the first quarter of 2014, although it does not rule out bringing it forward to the last quarter of 2013.

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Tony Harkén


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