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Brazil and Israel sign a notice of cooperation in industrial research

Brazil and Israel sign a notice of cooperation in industrial research

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland Tuesday, 20 November 2012.

The Second Invitation for the submission of proposals on technological cooperation between Brazil and Israel was released on Monday (November 5), in a meeting at the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC).

The initiative is part of the activities envisaged in the 2007 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Bilateral Cooperation in Industrial Research and Development in the Private Sector.

The new phase of the project is aimed at three sectors considered to have the greatest potential for industrial cooperation between the two countries: Defense, Health and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The initiatives will be linked to the sector policies of the "Greater Brazil Plan" and will receive support from partners in each segment to identify companies interested in participating and opportunities for research.

"The cooperation between Brazil and Israel will be beneficial for both countries," said Michel Hivert, MATIMOP Managing Director. "Bringing together characteristics from each country, such as Israel's experience in R&D, with the robustness of Brazilian industry, is something that will bring enormous advances," added Hivert. The Department of Innovation emphasized this assessment in its presentation, stating that bilateral partnerships focusing on research are an international trend that is coming to Brazil.

In order to participate, companies need to follow three steps. Details regarding registration and the process involved and can be found at www.brasilisrael.mdic.gov.br

Afterwards, the company must find a partner in Israel and prepare a proposal. A database of organizations in the two countries is available on the site to facilitate searching. The deadline for submission of proposals using the Cooperation Form is April 22, 2013. The evaluation and selection of proposals will be completed on May 23. Thereafter, those approved will receive guidance on the best credit lines suited to their projects and will have until July 1 to complete the funding application. All details regarding the process can be found on the Portal.

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