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International Investors for Life Science

International Investors for Life Science

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland Sunday, 07 October 2012.

Nordic life science to be presented to 1000 international investors and partners at BioPartnering Future Europe in Brussels

More than twenty life science companies, national and regional industry organizations from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland will showcase their business at the international European investor and partner event BioPartnering Future Europe in Brussels 7–9 October.

Beyond promoting development opportunities for companies, regions and countries, this year’s meeting is a key platform to promote next year’s event, being held for the first time in the Nordics. From 13 to 15 October 2013 an estimated 2000–3000 participants will visit Stockholm Waterfront to promote a strong European life science industry at BioPartnering Future Europe 2013.

Participating companies/organizations:
• Apotek Produktion Laboratorier
• BioPeople
• Biotech Umeå
• Business Region Göteborg
• Delphi
• Det Medicinska Malmö
• Exportrådet
• Finnish Bioindustries
• Göteborg BIO
• Innovation Norway
• Invest in Skåne
• Invest Sweden
• Norwegian Bioindustry Association
• Novo Nordisk
• Novozymes
• Pharma Consulting Group
• Region Västerbotten
• Stockholm Business Region Development
• Stockholm Life
• Stockholm Visitors Board
• Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science
• SwedenBIO
• Uppsala BIO

We welcome you to the Nordic Pavilion to visit the ambassadors for Nordic Life Science!

For information on BPFE 2012, please visit www.swedenbio.com/BPFE2012

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