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Poland has everything an entrepreneur needs to

Skrivet av Andrej Scepanski Friday, 08 June 2012.

Poland has everything an entrepreneur needs to

Most of the small and medium sized Swedish companies believe that it is Poland, Germany, Britain, Russia and China in addition to the Nordic countries that are the most important for tomorrow's exports and investments in new ventures.

Poland has the fastest growing economy in the region and was the only country in Europe with a positive GDP during the crisis years of 2008-2010. Even though Europe is suffering from its worst debt crisis ever Poland is still going strong and their GDP grew steadily by 4.3% in 2011.

Poland has creatid its own model of economic growth and can today be considered a model country for Europe's development. Poland has a dynamic economy that is one of the best managed in Europe due to large investments, driven entrepreneurs and hard working people. When the economy is slowing down the Polish people are working even harder to avoid a recession. The various recessions seen in Europe during the past years have in some cases even been favorable to Polish companies that could deliver their high quality products at favorable prices and therefore has grown in strength and scope.

Due to strong exports and a dynamic market and a large portion of the 38 million consumers that are a growing and curious middle class puts Poland in a much more favorable position than many other countries. For Germany, called "Europe's economic engine", Poland is today a more important trading partner than Russia. Polish factories are firmly connected with deliveries to German companies.

The strong economic situation will also increase Poland's political position and placing the country in a higher division which also has a positive effect on foreign investments. Direct investments in 2011 increased by about 47% against the previous year up to about 100 billion SEK. Among the major investments are various outsourcing centers for financial services (eg Nordea). Poland is today #1 in Europe and #5 in the whole world according to this business area.

Financing of projects supported by the EU also lead to more business opportunities and creates international business as well. It turns out that a large portion of the financing money is being reinvested in high-tech investment projects where several foreign companies (Swedish, too) sell their services and products. The optimism level is set high for 2012. Despite slower growth in the European economy, GDP is projected to increase by 2.5% formally, but informally between 3.0 - 4.0%. Government investment in infrastructure will continue after Euro 2012 (European Cup) in football.

Highways (approx. 3000 km), bridges, viaducts, railways and airports are built and renovated in stages and is scheduled to be completed in the period up to 2015, 2020, 2030, creating business opportunities for construction companies from all over Europe. Infrastructure projects create opportunities for other industries such as electronics / IT / Mechatronics - traffic monitoring / control, signaling, navigation, telecom. Many talented Swedish technology companies can find opportunities here.

In addition, the real estate market (commercial property / office and residential) is hot with steadily rising prices and values. This makes Skanska well. Poland's construction industry also offers the purchase of building materials in the form of welded steel structures, rebar, precast concrete and joinery.

Further business opportunities are in industries with expected large government investments in the energy sector, renewable energy, waste management, environmental engineering.

A particularly interesting technical challenge and an excellent investment in new technologies is in the extraction of shale gas, which can make Poland into Europe's largest producer and exporter of gas - a boom in Norway's class.

Poland is in the present situation a consuming nation which means that retail is growing rapidly and with it also offers impressive shoping- and business centers that is growing all over the country. It creates establishment opportunities for companies such as JULA. Most fashion boutiques are already established and IKEA is experiencing great profit results.

Poland has changed its character from subcontracting nation to a consuming one. It is a young, well educated, industrious and a curious nation. Attractive wages and reasonable labor policies create a good business climate for private investors. The domestic currency (PLN) is stable but with a competitive advantage against other currencies that protects the market against external shocks - another recipe for success.

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