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The countries around the Mediterranean Sea need are in need of a lot of money

Skrivet av Tony Harkén Tuesday, 29 May 2012.

The countries around the Mediterranean Sea need are in need of a lot of money

The fact that the inhabitants of these countries will continue with their benefits is obvious despite the threat of not doing the right thing. Well, of course, the Swedish state will help out with the tax money.

Nothing could be better here at home when all we have is State Of The Art ranking- Right? Think of the infrastructure and schools just to mention less important areas for the future of globalization.

It is fortunate that Greece and especially Ireland exist as they have realized the joy of spending borrowed money and live the good life. These two countries will now allow the other EU countries to be part of the Robin Hood Head Quarter.

100 billion Swedish tax money has been lent to a 1 percent interest rate to the good life in addition to the 5 billion to Ireland. Ireland began to borrow heavily in 2007 when the debt was only 25 percent of GDP to rise to 125 percent in the current situation. Over the past few years, they have had a deficit of 180 billion SEK per year.

When Angela Merkel calls the Robin Hood Head Quarter, the government in Sweden is willing to lend any amount - which should be compared with the 28 billion SEK of tax money that is lent to the Swedish industry to much tougher standards and higher interest rates annually. This money creates both jobs and wealth in Sweden.

We also need to mention all small and medium sized Swedish companies that are completely locked out from all forms of funding even though everyone knows that this is where the future of new and modern jobs are available, jobs that do not immediately are transferred to Asia.

I wish that Swedish companies could get the chance to finance for growth and new jobs without having to leave the country.

Are you impressed by the Robin Hood Head Quarter? - I know, me neither ......

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Tony Harkén

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