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The Chinese are hesitant to spend money on Summer Olympics

The Chinese are hesitant to spend money on Summer Olympics

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland Monday, 28 May 2012.

Despite British efforts, the Chinese people's interest in ordering the Olympic journey to London is quite low.

The Summer Olympics has resulted in sharp price rises of hotel rooms in London. A four star hotel, for example, has increased from $ 300 to $ 1600 per night. Despite this, 2012 seems to be the industry's best year since the occupancy is expected to be around 84 percent this year.

British travel agencies now reorganize their package tours for the Chinese with an adjustment at the end of the Olympics where the rooms are located far from central London. The price structure will be considerably lower but it remains to be seen if the Chinese want to travel 3 hours one way to watch the Olympic Games.

British Airways has put in larger aircrafts between Shanghai and Beijing to London which resulted in a capacity increase of 35 percent. The company wants to increase the capacity even more but will wait to see the demand for flights.

Publicerat av

Cecilia Helland

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