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All roads lead to Rio

Skrivet av Ib Sønnerstad Thursday, 03 May 2012.

All roads lead to Rio

In recent years the interest in Brazil has increased significantly. Nordic players within the process, automotive and electronics industry have showed an interest in Brazil.

Recently, companies in the offshore sector have become aware of the country as well.

Thanks to these pioneers, it becomes easier for other industries to follow - new start-ups create more establishments. The Nordic networks are now being created in Brazil.

Since 2009, Nopef has received nearly 40 applications for projects in Brazil. Out of these, a total of 35 loans have been granted. The sectors that seek out this exciting growth market fits very well with one or more of Nopefs three areas of focus. A basic prerequisite is that the financial and resource base is in order.

Brazil is not an easy market to enter. Although the business culture is flexible and dynamic, few people speak good English. In order to cope with business negotiations in Portuguese and the very heavy and time-consuming bureaucracy in the country, a competent and reliable local contact is required.

Brazil is also plagued by high corruption in global comparison, around the same level as China, India and many Balkan countries. By having a clear transparency in the organization, focusing on large companies with a clear background, have the business records in order and above all not yield to corruption, your company will have more chances to navigate correctly on this challenging market. Boa sorte! [Good luck!]

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