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Who creates the jobs?

Skrivet av Siv Öberg Wednesday, 18 April 2012.

Who creates the jobs?

During my 30 years as an entrepreneur, I have never heard that a politician hires someone.

The jobs exist in the small businesses, which means that politicians should basically create the tools and rules that make it easier to recruit.

With today's regulations, it takes so much time to make the company profitable. An entrepreneur works during evenings and weekends to complete all forms and tax returns, not to mention the time I have to spend on the phone as soon as I have to report something to the various government agencies, so the time to run the small business decreases.

The fact that you then also have to take responsibility for an employee, with high labor costs, insurance, payroll taxes and sick pay liability and other costs involved makes it even more difficult.

Do you decision makers understand this?

You should start your own business in order to understand the reality.

Why do you choose not to listen to over 1 million people, who run their own small businesses?

We are also voters who vote for those who should lead the country.

We will compete with those who run non-serious operations and foreign carriers who drive into the country with crude diesel and gets away with all laws and regulations, which costs the Swedish transport companies big money.

We will also compete with those who run private deficient educations, which results in that way too many individuals have the same education, often with such poor education that they are not employable.

We'll be competing with various agencies, fake sellers, and municipal politicians and officials who are opposed to private companies.

Do you decision makers understand what we have to deal with?

I am impressed that there really are over 1 million small business owners, who have the strength and courage.

The prospective small business owner I am trying to help through the regulations that exist have often spent their private capital before they even had time to start, because of the municipal decision-makers that makes it so difficult. Many entrepreneurs give up.

So do not talk about creating jobs, start by listening to over 1 million small business owners.

Then maybe you politicians can get anywhere with what you are talking about: Jobs.

Om Krönikören

Siv Öberg

Member of Småföretagarnas Riksförbund.


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