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The Capital of Scandinavia

The Capital of Scandinavia

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland Thursday, 29 March 2012.

Currently, there is an ongoing debate about Stockholm City. To name Stockholm “The Capital of Scandinavia” has infuriated many Norwegians.

Previously, Stockholm was sometimes called "Venice" which was fine. Now, many Norwegians state that it can be interpreted as a claim to be the capital of Scandinavia.

The debate was on once again when Stockholm bought advertising space with this slogan at a trade show in France.

Now a Norwegian has filed a complaint to the Swedish union representative due to the fact that Stockholm had three statements in connection with their advertising.

Stockholm is Scandinavia's natural center

Stockholm is Scandinavia's economic center

Stockholm is Scandinavia's cultural city

The Norwegian does not understand how Stockholm can call the city Scandinavia's natural center because of Stockholm's position geographically.

Stockholm is probably not the economic center of Scandinavia if we compare our capital to Oslo. The debate will most likely go on.

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Cecilia Helland


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