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Japanese quality

Japanese quality

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland Saturday, 10 March 2012.

The prestigious American car survey Consumer Reports has now been published.

This survey is one of the most comprehensive in the United States and includes elements such as test-driving, security and reliability.

Five Japanese automakers won the first five top prizes and the manufacturer Subaru ended up on the top spot for the particular operating reliability and high resale value.

Subaru increased the sales in the U.S. in 2011 for the third consecutive year and sold 266.989 cars, which is a new "All-Time High."

Top-12 in Consumer Reports 2012

1. Subaru 75 p

2. Mazda 74 p

3. Toyota 73 p

4. Honda 72 p

5. Nissan 67 p

6. Volvo 64 p

7. Hyundai 63 p

8. BMW 63 p

9. Volkswagen 62 p

10. Ford, 60 p

11. Mercedes-Benz 58 p

12. General Motors 56 p

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