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Nordic Interest in Estonia Growing

Nordic Interest in Estonia Growing

Publicerat av Tony Harkén Monday, 09 January 2012.

SEB Estonia Bank Manager Riho Unt said yesterday that, in the last quarter of 2011, there were 30% more Nordic company bank accounts opened in SEB as compared to the same quarter previous year.

"This is a good sign of credibility and attraction to our country's business environment," Unt told ERR. "While Europe as a whole has more problems than it had a year ago, Estonia seems to have less," Unt echoed the sentiment of his corporate clients.

"The euro has injected confidence in us and our partners," said Unt. "Nordic companies are increasingly encouraged to come to Estonia."

Positive effect of the euro changeover to their results was also cited by over a half of German companies operating in Estonia, according to an end-of-year survey conducted by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce. According to the survey, that feeling was strongest among those companies whose sales revenue was created mainly in Estonia.

Source – Invest in Estonia

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